My experience in joining FOSSASIA

I decided that I will be a programmer 10 years ago when I was 6 because I liked playing computer games, doing different things with the computer, drawing. I thought that I grow up and learn how to program. But 2 years ago when I was in 8 form (now I am in 10 form) I accidentally found book “Basic Pascal”, I knew that is a programming language and thought why not to read this book and have some imaginary how to program. I was confused because I understand nothing, I was watching screencasts and it was the gorgeous day when I woke up and started to understand syntax and inner gear of program. After Pascal, I started to think where I will be work in the future.  I saw a lot of images of IT company but when I saw Google’s office I understood I want to work only there. I started looking for some pupil’s contests and found GCI, it motivated me and I knew that I became a participant of this contest, but I understood that is scanty to know Pascal. I completed a lot of courses and focus on the web-developing -that is really cool. When I registered the next difficult step was to choose the organization, my choice – FOSSASIA(because that is web, python and a million things which I like doing). Now I understand that I want to continue work with FOSSASIA even after the contest.  I achieved my goal I am a participant of GCI2016 I am working with the brilliant organization, good-natured mentors. The next my goal or even dream to visit Google’s office in California and personally meet with mentors. Evolve yourself and never ever stop it really worth it!

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